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Zombie Apocalypse in L.A.

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Zombie Walk this Friday? [Oct. 22nd, 2007|09:32 am]
Zombie Apocalypse in L.A.
I saw this reported on a blog, but haven't seen anything else about it. Is no one discussing it? Or is it just a small group of close friends?



From: (Anonymous)
2007-10-24 05:47 pm (UTC)
Oh, I had nothing to do with organizing the one last year. I just thought it'd be cool to see a lot zombies with protest signs on Hollywood Boulevard. Last Thursday, I realized that I hadn't heard anything about a zombie walk for this year, and thought L.A. needed one. My friend and I started putting it together that night, which is the reason for the short notice.

However, I can promise you that if you go, you won't be one of four zombies milling around.

I signed up for the zombiewalk forum earlier this week, and am waiting activation.

-C.M. Gonzalez
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