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Zombie Apocalypse in L.A.

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Thrill the World, Los Angeles [Oct. 22nd, 2008|08:23 am]
Zombie Apocalypse in L.A.


So I heard about this on Kevin and Bean (on KROQ) this morning.

They're trying to set the world record for most people doing the Thriller dance and they're gathering "zombies" for it.


Pretty much the big dance is this Saturday, but they've got practices and rehearsals where they'll teach those who want to participate how to do the Thriller dance.

The guy who put together the L.A. branch of Thrill the World mentioned on the show this morning that after this, on other occasions, he and whatever zombies/undead dancers he can find are going to "guerrilla dance" in various locations--they're just going to randomly flashmob and do Thriller.

New wave of zombie-walking?