Erin (theboleynorchid) wrote in la_apocalypse,

Proposed route, day and time!

Per request of Rhiannon here is the map proposed for the walk:

I'd like to also propose the date of October 28th. It is far enough in advance that we can coordinate transportation, days off from work, and get our own people together. Plus it isn't too close to the date of the last zombie walk in Los Angeles. Another reason is it won't clash with the Universal Halloween Horror Nights or Knotts Scary Farm or whatever Six Flags calls their Halloween deal. How does this sound?

I'd also like to propose a time of 5:00 PM for the walk to begin with a meeting time of 4:00 PM to get everyone organized (and to let us take pics of eachother and get acquainted). We'll walk for a couple hours like the last walk just going up the boardwalk and then we'll disperse or something we'll figure out later to make a circuit.

Comments, suggestions, questions?

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